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Generic Grid

Crystal Grids

There are very few “rules” with regard to grids. Grids can be used for just about anything you feel a need to use them for. They can be of any size or shape and any sort of crystals can be used. The two main things to consider when setting up a grid are the space needed and what center stone to use … the center stone is more important as it directs the energy flow within the grid.

If you’re in tune enough with the energies of crystals, just sitting quietly and thinking about what you want to accomplish should bring one or more to mind pretty quickly. If you aren’t comfortable trusting yourself yet, you can always look up the issue or stone properties in order to choose which crystals to use.

The basic idea is to set out one or more type of crystal in the grid pattern with a center “master stone” to orchestrate the energy flow. The center stone needs to be programmed with the intent of the grid. The outer stones can be programmed as well, but it isn’t necessary. To program a stone, sit quietly with it in your hands and visualize the outcome you want from the grid. You can also give it clear directions regarding the specific flow of energy in the grid if desired (I’ve done this with healing grids placed for my fish tanks and it works well).

Once the grid is “up and running”, you may find that after a few days something seems “off”. It could be that the stones are just worn out and need to be replaced. You may also need to swap them out with different stones to complete the task. In my experience, this is common with healing grids. Someone once described it to me like this: When you visit the doctor, they may give you an antibiotic to get rid of an infection. But once the infection is gone, there may be other issues present that need to be resolved, perhaps an upset stomach. By changing out the crystals, a new set can help complete the secondary healing … but the center crystal will remain with it’s original programming. You just give it a quick “update” when you place the new set.

To set up a grid for healing or protection, I find it works best to lay the stones out on the perimeter of the area you’ll be working with. As an example, for a protection grid on a house or apartment you could place stones in the extreme corners of the property with the center stone next to an interior wall (where it won’t be disturbed). A grid for healing or to aid with sleep can be laid out around your bed with the center stone underneath the middle of the bed.

You can also use grids to help companion animals with healing.  Some animals are better than others at sitting or lying still and those that will tolerate just hanging-out can be helped by sitting in the middle of a grid for short periods of time.  They can also be fed a drop or two of a crystal elixir (but don’t use alcohol as a preservative if you intend to give it to a pet) either directly or in their food or water.

When it’s not practical to set up a large grid, a small grid on a table will work. These are especially useful when you are doing a grid for someone else, but the grid will be in your space. As I said earlier, there really aren’t any hard and fast rules and whatever feels right to you will be effective.

While a single type of stone can be used, I usually end up using at least two different types. And I prefer clear quartz as the center stone because it plays well with all the others and accepts programming very quickly. Just start with a “clean” set of stones (cleansing them of previous energies if needed) and make sure the space where you are setting up the grid has been cleared as well. I like to smudge with sage because it’s quick, easy, and very effective.

Once everything is ready, place the outer stones, program the center stone with the intent of the grid, and then place the center stone. It’s not unusual to feel a small electric charge when you place the center stone. I’ve had that happen with every grid I’ve set up. I’m including some pictures of a few grids to show what it is I’ve been rambling on about. 😉

This is an example of a healing grid. Green fluorite is a wonderful stone for healing. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It’s a great stone to add in healing grids as it will add some wonderfully soothing energy to the mix. The center stone here is a double terminated clear quartz. I like using the double terminated crystals because they allow the energy to flow through them in either direction.


This next grid is one I might set up if I wanted to get rid of a block and increase my personal or creative energy. The zincite is awesome at getting rid of energy blockages and carnelian is a terrific stone for bringing in energy either physically or for creative purposes. Again I’ve used the double terminated quartz here.


I don’t usually use a grid for meditating, but if I were going to I’d do something like this. Celestite is a great stone for communicating with guides or angels (for those who work with them) and it helps to clear the aura too. Aqua aura is an excellent communication stone and can help focus intense energies. For this grid I’ve used a clear quartz pyramid to collect and focus the energy of the grid. I’ve also added some small selenite spars to enhance the effect of the aqua aura stones.


Next up is an elemental grid. This sort of grid would be useful during ritual or working with the elements during meditation. It might also be something someone might keep on a permanent altar. In addition to the stones for each element, I’ve added some small clear quartz points to allow the grid energy to flow in all directions.


This last grid is one that I keep on my water altar. These seven rhodizite stones came to me as a set. The woman I got them from said she couldn’t separate them and they definitely want to be together. Although these stones are tiny (the large one in the center is maybe 3mm in diameter) they pack a huge punch. They have an extremely high vibration rate and clear out all sorts of blockages. Since that particular altar is near the center of the house, these little guys help maintain a calm environment for everyone in the house.


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pet storm dragon

I Swear I Saw Something! But What the Heck is it?

Have you ever been sitting in a room, reading or watching TV, and you’re just sure something ran by in your peripheral vision … but when you turn your head there’s nothing there?  If you have a cat or dog they might also turn in that direction (mine do).  So was it your imagination?  Not necessarily.  Around my house, it’s usually some sort of fae or a small dragon.  At least, that’s what their energies feel like to me.

Do I really believe these creatures exist?  Yes, but they don’t physically exist in the dimensional space that we humans experience as three-dimensional space and time.  So why do I think they are what they feel like?  Well, in short, I think that there are all sorts of energetic beings that exist in portions of our universe that we can’t see … other dimensions that we don’t directly experience, or maybe even another universe.  I’ve chatted with folks who believe that when we sleep and dream, we are actually projecting our energetic body into some of these other realms.  I certainly can’t disprove that, and it does make some sense to me that this might occur.

So, if we travel to these other realms nightly, we should be able to (on some level) sense energies from those other dimensions during our waking periods, whether we’re aware of it or not.  If we allow the possibility that there are energetic beings that might exist in those other dimensions, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that they might visit us from time to time, assuming of course that their dimensions intersect with ours in some fashion.  If we agree that we can sense their energy (even subconsciously) then we should be able to get some sort of impression as to what their energy represents to us.  Perhaps it’s just our own personal preferences that cause us to “see” them as dragons or fae (or whatever else) in our mind’s eye.  Perhaps they once actually inhabited those forms or have deliberately chosen a form that fits their “personality”.  Or maybe our brains are too limited to make sense of what they really are and does the best it can to help us understand.

Not convinced that you can feel energies?  We all experience them every day and we each interpret them differently depending on a number of factors, but mainly it’s how “in touch” we are with our own energetic body.  I happen to have a pretty good sense for energies but logic tends to get in the way at times.  Since I’ve gotten into energy work, one of the challenges I’ve had to deal with is meshing what we “know” from science, and what I’ve been able to “feel” with respect to energies.  My exposure to crystals got me started thinking about all this.  I can pick up two stones … each has a different color, and possibly a different texture, but both are mostly just minerals.  So why do their energies “feel” different?  After a lot of pondering, I eventually started looking at it this way: Everything in our physical world is made up of atoms.  I get atoms.  And our bodies are made up of oodles of atoms.  The crystals look and (physically) feel different because their atomic structures are different.  Similar, but not the same.  If their basic crystalline structure is different from one to the next, then they will vibrate (all atoms vibrate) at slightly different frequencies.  So why shouldn’t we, at least on some level, be able to intuitively “feel” the energetic differences at an atomic level?

Honestly, we all can sense energies, you just may not be consciously aware that you’re doing it.  I remember a particular conversation I had with hubby where I think he started to see my point … I don’t remember why (and it doesn’t really matter) but I felt that he might benefit from sitting with one of my crystals for a little while.  So I brought out three spheres that might be helpful to him.  And while each of them could have helped, there was one that he wanted to sit with.  When he told me later that he can’t “feel” energies I reminded him of this instance.  He responded that he didn’t know why, but the one he picked that day just “looked prettier” to him.  So I explained that even though he didn’t think he was able to sense their energies, perhaps when his brain interpreted the energetic input he was getting from the stones the concept of “pretty” was the way it chose to let him know that particular stone was what he needed most right then.

I think that whenever we have a situation where we end up choosing a particular object or person, but can’t figure out why, it may just be that the energy of that object or person is what is actually drawing us in but our brain doesn’t know how to adequately communicate what we’re sensing on an energetic level.  So it comes up with a reference we can understand.  The bottom line here is to trust your intuition.  Whatever it is that you think makes something or someone attractive should be enough reason to go with it.

Now, let’s take this line of thought and expand it to plants, animals, people, and even whether or not mythological creatures are “real” or just imagined.  Energy is just energy.  So it makes sense to me that if I can feel the subtle energy differences in crystals, plants, animals, or people, then why shouldn’t I be able to feel energies of things I can’t see with my eyes?  The interesting thing to note about some of the mythological creatures is that all cultures have lore and images of at least some of them.  What sort of explanation might there be for cultures that have never met (let’s use the Mayans and the Chinese as an example) to have similar lore of these creatures?  Some believe that somehow there has been some exchange of ideas between these cultures but I’m not convinced.  I think it’s more likely that they’ve each experienced these beings and written about them from their own cultural standpoint.

I don’t know exactly what these beings are, or even if they are what I perceive them to be, but I do know they are around and they seem to like to visit and hang out in spaces we’ve made inviting to them.  So maybe the next time you think something zipped past in your peripheral vision you’ll think back to this and instead of wondering whether or not you imagined it, you’ll wonder what it was.  If you do, and if you have even a passing thought about what it was, trust your intuition … you just may be right.


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Herbal tincture


Making Medicine with Herbs

Since I’m currently making up some tinctures for use at home, I thought I’d share a little of my foray into herbal medicine making.

I began concocting alternatives to lab-created medications because neither hubby nor I want to use them even semi-regularly, for a variety of reasons.  Capsules containing powdered herbs work pretty well, but they take some time to work and some even need to build up in your system to be really effective.  Extracts and tinctures draw out the active constituents from the plants and work relatively quickly.  (a single herbal solution is usually referred to as an extract and multiple herbs in solution is referred to as a tincture)

Between the capsules and the tinctures, both hubby and I have ditched just about all the lab created medications … and no more side effects.  Not an insignificant feat when you look at the statistics on how many medications the average 50 or 60 year old adult takes daily.

Anyway … all you need is a suitable container, some 80 or 100 proof vodka (and the cheap stuff works just fine), and whatever herbs you decide to use.  I only use herbs that are certified organic (I get most of mine online from Mountain Rose Herbs).  The alcohol acts as a solvent and extracts the medicinal properties of the herbs.  For children or pets, you can use vegetable glycerin (instead of vodka) as the solvent, but the “cooking time” will need to be increased.  I’ve not tried a glycerin tincture so I don’t know how well it will work for roots, barks, or seeds but I’ve found references that say it works well for leaves and flowers.

The basic tincture recipe is to add at least 2 tablespoons of crushed/cut/ground herbs to each 5 ounces of solvent … some folks insist that you must use much more herbal material but this is the minimum to get enough of the medicinal constituents extracted into the solvent.

It’s important to crush, cut, or grind (very coarse) the herbs first … I like to use a coffee or spice grinder dedicated to grinding herbs.  Place the herbs in a jar or bottle and then fill with solvent.  Dark colored bottles/jars (to keep light out) are preferable.  I use 16 oz cobalt blue Boston Round bottles.

Shake the container at least once a day for three to four weeks for alcohol tinctures and for six to eight weeks for glycerin (or longer … the longer the tincture sits, the stronger it will be).  When it’s done, use cheesecloth and/or a fine strainer (I use both) to strain out the solid material, squeezing the herbs to get as much of the solution out as possible.  The tincture is ready to use right away and will be good for at least 2 years.

A two ounce bottle with a dropper top is perfect to use for dispensing the tincture (I also use cobalt blue bottles for this).  Just take about 1 teaspoon (4-5 droppers full if using the dropper bottles) when needed and you can pretty much take as often as you need during the day, though I’ve never had to take more than 4 doses.  I prefer to add a small bit of tea (about an ounce or so) and follow with more tea to avoid the taste of some of the tinctures.

Here are some of the “recipes” I make:


1 part Horehound
1 part Heather Flower
1 part Honeysuckle Flower


2 parts Marshmallow Root
1 part Rosehips
1 part Lungwort


1 part Nettle Root
1 part Fennel Seed
1 part Echinacea Angustifolia  (E Purpurea will work, but E Angustifolia is best)

Headache/Pain Relief

2 parts White Willow Bark  (do not use if allergic to aspirin)
1 part Feverfew  (thins the blood … do not use with blood thinning medication)
2 parts Ginger Root

Hypertension Prevention

1 part Hibiscus Flowers
1 part Cat’s Claw Bark
1 part Chicory Root

Immune Booster

2 parts Elderberries
1 part Rosehips
1 part Goldenseal Root


1 part Peppermint Leaf
1 part Ginger
1 part Chamomile  (may cause a reaction in those allergic to ragweed)

Menopause Relief

1 part Black Cohosh Root
1 part Chasteberry
1 part Red Clover Flowers
1 part Shatavari Root
1 part Fo Ti Root
1 part Dong Quai Root
1 part Wild Yam Root

Prostate Support

1 part Saw Palmetto
1 part Pygeum Root
1 part Yellow Dock Root


2 parts Chamomile  (may cause a reaction in those allergic to ragweed)
1 part Skullcap
1 part Wild Lettuce

Super Detox

2 parts Hydrangea Root  (or 1 part Milk Thistle + 1 part Turmeric Root … but Hydrangea is more potent)
1 part Sarsaparilla (Indian variety, not Jamaican)
1 part Dandelion Root
1 part Honeysuckle Flower
1 part Echinacea Angustifola  (E Purpurea will work, but E Angustifolia is best)

If you choose to create tinctures of your own make sure to do your research.  I’ve spent hours researching what herbs to use for specific conditions and some of the recipes I’ve settled on had a lot of trial and error involved.  If you don’t already have herbal references I strongly recommend that you either purchase some or at least borrow them from your local library.

Herbs are wonderful and you can make some very effective medicinals with them.  But they can also be dangerous if you don’t do the research first … many plants that are used medicinally have parts that contain substances toxic to humans or animals.  Just because it came from a plant doesn’t make it safe … and just because it’s safe for one animal (or humans) doesn’t mean it’s safe for another.


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Crystals: Use and Care

Do you love crystals but aren’t sure what to do with them?  Or perhaps you’re just curious and don’t know much about them? I have a page listed in the menu under the header photo where I briefly discuss some of the properties of commonly available crystals but here I want to discuss some of their uses and how to care for them.

I’ve literally got hundreds of crystals sitting around my house … almost every horizontal surface of the house (except the floor, bed, and kitchen table/counters of course) has crystals on it. Most of the time they sit there, happily sending out their soothing energies, but we do put them to specific use from time to time.

In addition to the spheres, clusters, pyramids, and other shapes we have here, I work beads made from these crystals into jewelry, car charms, window hangings, and other baubles.  I have crystals in my office too.  Now they’re used to help with my Reiki sessions, but even when I had an engineering job I was surrounded by them.

Using crystals:

So what can crystals be used for?  Honestly, just about anything.  Here are some of the things I do with crystals:

  • Carry them to benefit from their energy all day.  Chose one or more small stones to help with a particular issue and place them in a small bag.  It doesn’t matter what the bag is made of … I’ve used organza, velvet, linen, and cotton.  You can then carry the bag with you or place it somewhere appropriate.  I have one in my truck for protection from accidents.  I put it together after I was rear-ended a number of years ago and haven’t had even a close call since … and that’s no small feat the way some people here in Southern California drive!
  • “Worry stones” … these are small, flat stones that can be carried or just held.  They usually have one surface that is slightly concave that’s perfect for rubbing with a thumb.  As the name implies, when you’re stressed or worried you simply hold the stone and rub away to your heart’s content.  It helps get rid of some excess energy and the contact with the stone is soothing.
  • Wear them as jewelry.  The great thing about incorporating crystals into jewelry is that you can mix and match to suit your needs for each day, just wear something to help deflect negative energies, or to help keep your chakras clear and balanced.
  • Hang them near your doors and windows to help prevent negative energies from entering your home.  I didn’t know this when I first decided to hang some crystals in my windows and doorways, but there are some cultures (I know of a few Native American tribes for sure) that will use crystal helpers to keep negative energies from entering the living space by placing them in openings.
  • Meditate with them.  There are a number of ways to meditate with crystals.  The easiest is to just hold or sit with (or near) a crystal or two.  Any stone can be a helper, but I find that either a stone to help calm the mind or one that helps to connect with other energies in the Universe are particularly beneficial in meditation.
  • They can be a fabulous scrying tool … just staring into the crystal and getting lost in the internal fractures and planes allows the logical side of the brain to focus while letting the subconscious side have a chance to tell us more directly (at least more than it does with dreams) what we need to know.
  • You can also “interview” a crystal by sitting with it and asking it questions.  No, they don’t really “talk” to us, but most people can glean impressions that feel like emotions that don’t belong to us.  Even my hubby (who claims to be completely oblivious to any energies) can frequently get a “feel” for gender or age from a crystal.  For those used to dealing with higher vibration energies, a vision or brief scenes from the crystal’s past may come through.
  • If you are into baths (as opposed to showers, I’m not suggesting anyone go without bathing!) you can take a stone in with you (assuming it is a stone that can tolerate water).  The water will actually pick up the energy patterns of the stone and amplify it.  Use caution though … I once dragged a clear quartz sphere into the tub with me and ended up so amped I was bouncing off the walls for 4 hours!  Oops
  • Chase away the “electronic smog” generated by televisions and computer screens.  I set out unakite and covelite in front of any television or computer I will be around … both are wonderful at deflecting and absorbing the excess energies radiated by all types of screens.
  • In addition to jewelry for humans, crystal beads lend themselves perfectly to hanging on a pet’s collar … or even making a collar from them for your cat or dog.  When we had a dog going through (and recuperating from) radiation therapy, I made her a “collar” of bloodstone, carnelian, and smoky quartz to help dissipate the effects of the radiation.  Just as with people, the uses of crystals for pets is pretty much limitless and whether one or two crystals are hung from the collar or a whole collar is made, the animals benefit from the crystal energies just like we do.

Crystals that are especially helpful:

On one of our vacations I decided that I needed to set aside some crystals as an “Emergency Kit”. I have them in a craft box as it’s handy storage (and easy to grab) so I can take them with us when we travel since I don’t have access to all those I keep at home when we’re on vacation.  I chose the stones listed below because they pretty much cover a wide range of ailments and emotional issues. Most are pretty easy to find and all that is needed are one or two of the small tumbled pieces.  A small reference book, like Judy Hall’s “The Crystal Bible” to keep with it is helpful too.

Crystal “First-Aid Kit”:

Amegreen Dumortierite Pink Chalcedony
Amethyst Flourite Prassiolite
Astrophylite Garnet Quantum Quatro Silica
Azurite Green Heulandite Quartz
Blue Aragonite Infinite Rainbow Moonstone
Blue Tiger Eye Kunzite Red Tiger Eye
Blue Pietersite Labradorite Snowflake Obsidian
Bronzite Larvikite Sodalite
Carnelian Magnesite Sphene
Celestite Melody’s Stone Stichtite
Charoite Moldavite Sugilite
Citrine Ocean Jasper Sunstone
Danburite Obsidian Tiger Eye (gold)
Dravite Turquoise

Charging crystals:

When giving a crystal a specific “job”, it’s helpful to first charge the crystal with that intent(some people call it programming).    Just sit with a calm mind while holding the crystal.  Next, visualize or think about what you want the crystal to do for you.  I know that sounds pretty simple, but it really is that easy.  The crystals are very good at picking up on our energetic signature and thoughts modify our energy in a manner they can interpret.  Once they’re ready to go, just put them to work.

Cleansing crystals:

When crystals are used for a specific purpose, in many cases they will need to be cleansed periodically to get rid of negative energies they’ve collected.  And it’s usually a good idea to cleanse new crystals when we bring them home.  This isn’t always the case though, so if it makes you feel uncomfortable thinking about cleansing a crystal, don’t worry about it … the stone may not need to be cleansed.  Some stones (like quartz, black tourmaline, and turquoise) never need cleansing.  There are a number of ways stones can be cleansed:

  • Hold the stone under running water
  • Soak the stone in salt water for a little while
  • Set the stone on a quartz cluster for at least a day
  • Leave the stone sitting in the light of a full moon overnight
  • Bury the stone for at least a week
  • Smudge the stone using sage or incense

Not all of these methods are appropriate for all stones, so make sure and check if there is any question … especially with regard to water.  Angelite, selenite, malachite, and sunstone should never be held under running water nor soaked in salt water (or fresh water) and another method should be chosen for those stones.  Ideally you can interpret what the stone wants and give it what it needs.  Trust yourself … if it “feels right” it probably is.

Recommended Reading:

If you’re wanting additional (and a lot more detailed) information, these are books that I highly recommend:

The Crystal Bible, The Crystal Bible 2, and The Crystal Bible 3 by Judy Hall
The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian
Love is in the Earth by Melody and Julianne Guilbault


I’ll do another post or two on some additional crystal uses.  For now though, I hope I’ve given enough information to at least let folks get comfortable working with crystals.  They really are marvelous helpers.

For Educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by any medical authority or
the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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