Healing Through Balance

Bringing Balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit

My Online Shop

An Illuminated Path offers a number of products and services designed to help you bring balance to your life.

I offer Reiki Distance Healing sessions for those who want assistance keeping their chakras clear and balanced, want to minimize the effects of stress, or just desire a little extra help with maintaining the delicate balance between the physical and energetic bodies.  I also offer Reiki for animals.

Mayan Light Language Grids are a wonderful aid to help reach personal improvement goals and to give back to a group or community at the same time.  These grids use sacred geometries paired with specific colors to create a very specific energy flow unique to the person or community they are created for.

For those interested in astrology, but don’t want to deal with learning all the details, I also offer a number of detailed charts and reports covering the self and just about any relationships you have.  These reports are helpful if you want a deeper understanding or analysis of possible problem areas.  I also create Solar Return and Transit reports.

The shop also offers the entire line of Dragonstone Herbals products (my line of natural bath and body concoctions and aromatherapy products) as well as tumbled gemstones and a few handmade crystal items.


If you like, you can visit the shop here:    An Illuminated Path