Healing Through Balance

Bringing Balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Healing Through Balance Homepage

This is the main Healing Through Balance site.

Here you will find information on Reiki in general as well as some information on its history and specifics on sessions for both humans and animals.  I’ve also included some basic information on chakras (though what I have here on the blog is more extensive) and a little on how I use crystals and singing bowls with Reiki.

I also have some information on the Mayan Light Language Grids.  It’s really difficult to adequately describe these, but I’ve done my best to do so without actually posting a picture of one … which I can’t do because of the nature of the energy they put out.

I’ve also got some information on the detailed astrological charts and reports I can prepare.


If you like, you can visit this site here:    Healing Through Balance

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