Healing Through Balance

Bringing Balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. – Albert Einstein

How do you match the frequency of your desired reality? By getting rid of blockages in your energetic body, staying grounded, and announcing your intent to the Universe. Yeah, you still have to do the work to get where you want to go, but it really is that simple.

Energy Field


Shielding Your Energy

With all the tense and crazy energies floating around right now I’ve noticed a lot of people reacting by sending out aggressive or negative energy toward others.  Many are not aware that some of these energies can become trapped within our etheric body, adding the potential for blockages in our energy field to occur.

So how do you go about your day while trying to avoid picking up unwanted energies?   When I would pick up unwanted energies in the past I’d frequently get thrown for a loop … until I’d learned enough to devise some strategies to not only get rid of these unwanted energies, but to defend against picking them up in the first place.  One of the methods I use to prevent picking up “gunk” is energetic shielding.

When needed, I have a little routine I follow to clear out any crummy energies I may have picked up during the day and repair the energetic shields I use to help protect myself from the worst of the negativity I run across. It occurred to me that others (who may be unfamiliar with shielding) might benefit from the concept so I decided to put something together explaining the process.

I’ve talked about chakras briefly before … the seven well known chakras are those that “connect” our physical bodies to our emotional/subtle bodies and the world we live in.  In addition to our chakras each of us has an aura, or personal energy field, and both are susceptible to the influences of energies outside ourselves.  When a negative or harmful energy is held either in a chakra or our auric field it causes a stagnation or blockage of the energy flow and may manifest as physical or emotional problems.

For me, working with energies directly (grounding, keeping the chakras clear, creating grids, or practicing Reiki) does a really good job of keeping the energy flowing like it should. But then there are the external influences … and a lot of what I’ve had to deal with in the past was people at work, ticked off for one reason or another, oozing negative energy. So I started shielding heavily when I was out and about.

I start off doing a grounding session to clear out negative energies and bring in positive energies (I did a post on grounding here:  Grounding).  I also clear out and balance my chakras (that post is here:  Balancing Your Chakras).  Once that’s done, and sometimes it takes a little while if I have any blocked areas, I move on to shielding.

Shielding is basically just telling your energetic body how to protect itself from different types of external energies. I use visualization to “set” my shields, but it can also be done by drawing a representation of yourself, with a representation of your shield surrounding “you” on paper. A shield can be used to set the mood of your energetic body (sort of like curling up in a favorite blanket), to fend off negative energy, or even to project your energy in a particular manner.

Some of the energetic shields that I’ve used:

  • Colored light – colors can be associated with mood or personality attributes. I like to use a multicolored shield close to my energetic body to soothe and “set the tone” for my day. Some color associations: blue=good communication or calm, green=healing, pink=calm/love, purple=power, yellow=thought/expression, red=passion, orange=creation.
  • Mylar/one way “glass” – this works like a filter. Just as mylar filters sunlight through a window, this shield filters energy … it blocks what you don’t want to get through, but lets through everything else.
  • “Armor” – as the name implies, this shield completely blocks everything it’s programmed to keep out.
  • Crystals – I often use a layer of crystals to “tune” chaotic energies, harmonizing them to the loving energies in the universe. Crystal colors or attributes can also be used to fine tune the intent of this shield.
  • “Superball” – remember superballs? Hard little balls that bounce really high? I use a shield layer that acts just like that. It repels negative or harmful energies by “bouncing” them away from me.  (this is one of my favorites!)
  • Mirrors – similar to the mylar, but this doesn’t let as much in. It can also be used to reflect energies back to whomever sent them. Using colored mirrors reflects the energies away, but tempers them. I like to use pink to reflect negative energies back to the initiator with calm, loving energy (this really confuses some people if they are being super negative). This shield can be either a solid mirror or oodles of tiny mirrors, like a disco ball.
  • “Bird Whackers” – we call these “Pigeon Whackers” here … they are all over the bill boards here and are used to keep birds from roosting on them. I use this shield to fling negative energies away from me.
  • Electrical/Lightning – I visualize this shield like a Tesla ball. You know, those novelty thingys that look like lightning inside and you run your hand around the outside and the electricity follows? Except I use this to zap negative energies.
  • Firebricks – not sure what else to call these. I see them as ceramic “bricks” that catch and burn up negative energy.

These are just a few of the shields I’ve used.  There is no right or wrong type and anything your imagination comes up with will work.  Once you know what you want your shield to look like and how you want it to perform, either visualize or draw the shield surrounding your body and be clear with your intention for what the shield should do.

You can also layer shields.  When things would get really bad at work, I’d frequently use 6 or 7 layers, each with a slightly different purpose.  It made a huge difference for me in my daily activities.

If you’re a little too stressed or just get easily aggravated by your “normal” day, give a shield or two a try and see if it makes a difference for you.

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Buildings are constructed on solid foundations.  Electricity must have a path to electrical ground to have the ability to flow and “do work”.  People are said to be grounded when they have a lot of common sense and make good decisions.  But what about grounding your energy?

If we are not properly grounded the energy in our physical and energetic bodies does not flow properly and we may feel out-of-touch.  When the energy isn’t flowing properly we can experience a myriad of physical and emotional issues due to stagnation or blockage.  Being energetically grounded is important.

There are a number of ways we can ground ourselves … both consciously and unconsciously.  Certain foods are grounding.  Those “comfort foods” we all love when we’re feeling down (meats, potatoes and other root veggies, eggs, and nut butters) are foods that help ground us.  Walking barefoot or laying in the grass is grounding.  So is gardening, working with the warm soil.  Even a hike in the woods can be grounding.  Most of these we do unconsciously, because we like doing them and we feel better afterward.

For conscious efforts, there are also a number of ways to ground.  A favorite of many people is to stand quietly and visualize “roots” growing from your feet into the Earth.  Then visualize drawing up positive energy from the Earth and having it replace any negative energy in your body.  Keep at it until there is so much positive energy flowing through you that it’s also flowing from your head and hands.  When you’re done, shake any excess energy from your extremities.

The root thing doesn’t seem to work so well for me (it doesn’t feel natural to me) so I do a variant of this.  I visualize pure energy from the Universe entering my crown chakra and flowing down into my body until I’m radiating with it.  As I progress through my session, I visualize all this positive energy forcing any negative energy down, out of my body and into the Earth to be recycled.  I will frequently use a couple of green onyx spheres to help with the flow of positive energy, especially if I notice a blockage.

One of the nice things about visualizations is that you can do them just about anywhere and no one else knows what you’re doing.  When I would get really stressed at work I’d go stand next to a tree and do a quick grounding session.  But what if you aren’t all that great at visualization?  If you prefer physical exercises, this page has a few good grounding exercises that you can do.

Even if you don’t think you need it, try grounding.  You might just be amazed at how good you feel afterward. 😉

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Chakra Flower

Balancing Your Chakras

Do you keep your chakras balanced?  I frequently forget to regularly tend to my chakras.  But when I feel “off”, re-balancing them  always helps improve how I feel … both physically and emotionally.  There are a variety of methods that we can use to clear and balance our chakras and I’ll share a couple below.  First though, for the benefit of those who may not know about chakras, I’ll start off with a brief explanation of the seven major chakras we each have … we each have hundreds of chakras, but I’ll stick to these for now.

What is a Chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to “wheel” in English.  Each chakra is an energy center that connects the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies (sometimes referred to as the “subtle bodies”) to each other and the Universe and each is associated with particular bodily functions as well as specific mental/emotional states.  The energy of the chakras feels like that of a vortex, spinning top, or small whirlpool.  The seven major chakras are aligned along the spine as shown in the graphic below:Chakra_Body Each chakra has a specific color, symbol, and tone associated with it.  Below I’ve given a brief description of the seven major chakras and their associations.  With regard to the chant sounds, please note that A is pronounced as “ah” and M is pronounced “ng” (as in king).

The Seven Major Chakras

RootChakraMuladhara, the Root Chakra:
First Chakra; color is red; note is C; chant sound is LAM.
The root chakra sits below the base of the spine (near the tip of the coccyx).  It is associated with the adrenal glands and immune system.  This chakra keeps us grounded to the Earth and helps keep us stable (physically and emotionally).  An overactive root chakra can manifest as greed or materialism … an underactive root chakra can cause fear or nervousness.

SacralChakraSwadhistnana, the Sacral Chakra:
Second Chakra; color is orange; note is D; chant sound is VAM.
The sacral chakra is midway between the pelvic bone and navel.  It is associated with the reproductive organs.  This chakra affects the emotions and creativity.  An overactive sacral chakra may lead to addictions or being overly emotional … an underactive sacral chakra can leave one apathetic or emotionally “numb”.

SolarPlexusChakraManipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra:
Third Chakra; color is yellow; note is E; chant sound is RAM.
The solar plexus chakra is located near the physical solar plexus in the body.  It is associated with the spleen and pancreas.  This chakra deals with self-esteem and personal power. An overactive solar plexus chakra may be responsible for overly aggressive or domineering behavior … an underactive solar plexus chakra can result in poor self-esteem or overly timid behavior.

HeartChakra Anahata, the Heart Chakra:
Fourth Chakra; color is green; note is F; chant sound is YAM.
The heart chakra is located near the heart and lungs in the center of the sternum.  It is associated with the heart and thymus.  This chakra deals with love and trust.  An overactive heart chakra may result in clingy or smothering behavior toward others … an underactive heart chakra may cause cold or distant behavior toward others.

ThroatChakraVishuddha, the Throat Chakra:
Fifth Chakra; color is light to medium blue; note is G; chant sound is HAM.
The throat chakra is located about midway up the neck.  It is associated with the thyroid.  This chakra affects truth in communicating.    Not speaking the truth can result in this chakra becoming blocked.  An overactive throat chakra can be responsible for talking too much without listening or dominating conversations or situations … an underactive throat chakra may result in a lack of communication.

BrowChakraAjna, the Third-Eye Chakra:
Sixth Chakra; color is dark blue or indigo; note is A; chant sound is OM or AUM.
The third-eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead.  It is associated with the pituitary gland.  This chakra influences our insight and intuition.  An overactive third-eye chakra can lead to spending too much time in fantasy worlds, nightmares, or even hallucinations … an underactive third-eye chakra may result in thinking that is too rigid, denial of reality, or confusion.

CrownChakraSahasrara, the Crown Chakra:
Seventh Chakra; color is purple or white; note is B; chant sound is NG.
The crown chakra is located at the top of the head in the center.  It is associated with the pineal gland.  This chakra deals with wisdom and spiritual peace.  An overactive crown chakra can result in too much intellectualizing or a mental detachment from the body or spirit … an underactive crown chakra can lead to spiritual apathy/uncertainty or excessive materialism.

If you aren’t used to feeling the different energies of the chakras associated with your body and don’t know what to look for but want to know what their state is, I’ve found this online test to be fairly accurate: Chakra Test at Eclectic Energies.   You can even have the results emailed to your inbox. 😉

Clearing and Balancing your Chakras

Here is a simple exercise to clear and open your chakras.  First, get comfortable in a quiet place.  I prefer to either sit in a comfy chair or lay on my bed.  Initially, it’s best if you can be undisturbed for 20 – 30 minutes.  With practice, you will eventually be able to clear your chakras fairly quickly whether there are distractions or not.  If you “feel” something slightly different than what I describe don’t worry … we all experience things a bit differently so this is just meant as a guide to help get you started and it can be varied as needed by the individual.

Next, go through each of the chakras and concentrate on its size, shape, and spin rate.  As you work with each chakra, see if you notice anything about its particulars.  Is it pulsing?  Spinning?  If it’s spinning, how fast is it moving?  Does it feel large or small?  I always begin with the root and end with the crown.

Beginning at the root chakra, visualize a red sphere near the base of your spine.  Visualize the sphere growing until it’s about twice the size of a softball.  Allow it to brighten so that it is glowing from within.  Now start it spinning, or increase its spin rate.  Trust your intuition … if it still “feels off” just keep working on the chakra, trying different imagery if needed, until you feel it’s smooth, calm, and stable.

Move up the spine, working each of the other chakras, until all seven of the chakras are the same size and spinning in unison:

  • For the sacral chakra, visualize an orange sphere between your navel and hips.
  • For the solar plexus chakra, visualize a yellow sphere between your navel and the bottom of your ribcage.
  • For the heart chakra, visualize a green sphere (with just a small bit of pink in the center of the sphere) near your heart.
  • For the throat chakra, visualize a blue sphere near the center of your neck.
  • For the brow, or third eye chakra, visualize a purple sphere in the center of your forehead.
  • For the crown chakra, visualize a white sphere at the top and center of your head.  Once it’s the proper size though, visualize it opening into a lotus flower, then start/increase its spin.

As each chakra is cleared, the spin rate increases and stabilizes.   Once all seven of the chakras are glowing and spinning in unison, they are clear and balanced.  Balanced chakras help us to feel calm and stable so this is a good exercise to do after a particularly hard day.  It’s also a great way to start your day off if you’re so inclined.

How crystals can help us with our Chakras

While clearing and balancing the chakras using only visualization (or in combination with sound or yoga) works well, I’ve found that crystal helpers speed the process up.  Using tumbled  or raw stones that correspond to either the color or function of the chakras, you can lie down and place one or more stones over each chakra.  As described above, you feel the energy of each chakra starting with the root and working your way up, one at a time, to the crown.  I leave the stones in place until I’m done with all the chakras, then remove them starting with the crown.

I’ve noticed that with stones I use as chakra helpers, keeping them together as a set has the effect of synchronizing them.  They get more harmonious and efficient at helping over time.  I’ve actually got three different chakra stone sets and will grab whichever set “feels” appropriate for a particular session.  I try to clear, open, and balance all my chakras on a regular basis (though life frequently intervenes) and find that when I do, I’m much happier and have more energy.

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