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Retrograde Planets – June 2014

Wow … sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  Things have been a little crazy here the last few weeks.  So, getting back to posting here:

Heads up folks … Mercury will be going retrograde Saturday.  Mercury is responsible for communications and also can affect electronic equipment and travel.

Since we’re still in the shadow period (when the planet’s direct motion is slowing … about two weeks prior to a planet going into retrograde motion) and things are already pretty bad (based on the insane drivers I saw over the weekend) this one could be a doozy.

Be careful while traveling and make a little extra effort to be clear in your communications to minimize the chance of problems for the next 4-5 weeks.

To add to the fun, Neptune will be going retrograde on Monday June 9.  Neptune affects our intuitive side, including dreams, and his retrograde motion tends to bring up old issues that we need to resolve.

For those who may want more information on exactly what retrograde means (with regard to planetary motion) I’ll do a longer post with some details in the next day or so …


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