Healing Through Balance

Bringing Balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit

About Me

For the last several years I’ve been working with clients, providing energetic healing sessions.  What I do exactly is not easily explained, but I will from time to time address energetic practices in this blog.  I suppose the simplest (and perhaps vaguest) explanation is that I have my own “blend” of energetic healing that I perform to clear and balance the chakras and subtle bodies of my clients.

I’m a Reiki Master in the Western Usui Tradition and a Registered Reiki Practitioner (RMT) with the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP).  I’ve been working with energies for the past 15 years and energetic healing is one of the most recent skills I’ve added to my energy practices after earning my Reiki Master’s Certificate in early 2013.

I believe that balance is very important in our lives.  If we can’t maintain balance in  all areas we can end up completely out of whack energetically, emotionally, and/or physically.

Too much stress that isn’t effectively managed leads to blockages in the energetic body.  This essentially means the flow of energy through your energetic body is impeded … or stopped altogether.  This can lead to physical manifestations of stress: back pain, problems sleeping, headaches, digestive problems, and a host of other issues.

Energetic healing methods (acupuncture, Reiki, etc) can be an excellent complement to meditation, yoga, exercise, and other healing methods and helps to provide the best chance for your body to stay in balance.  By removing some (or all) of the negative energies and stress in your energetic body it’s easier for your physical body to maintain the balance necessary to be healthy.

In my “prior life” I was a mechanical engineer and worked in aerospace for nearly 30 years.  This gives me a unique perspective on stress and its effects on emotional and physical health, having experienced high stress levels for most of my engineering career and needing to be able to understand that stress in order to manage it.

I’m looking forward to helping others to achieve balance in their lives and would be delighted if you’d like to join me on my journey.

Do you have a question or comment that you’d prefer not be “public”?  Feel free to send me a note using the form below and I’ll respond as soon as I can.