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I Swear I Saw Something! But What the Heck is it?

Have you ever been sitting in a room, reading or watching TV, and you’re just sure something ran by in your peripheral vision … but when you turn your head there’s nothing there?  If you have a cat or dog they might also turn in that direction (mine do).  So was it your imagination?  Not necessarily.  Around my house, it’s usually some sort of fae or a small dragon.  At least, that’s what their energies feel like to me.

Do I really believe these creatures exist?  Yes, but they don’t physically exist in the dimensional space that we humans experience as three-dimensional space and time.  So why do I think they are what they feel like?  Well, in short, I think that there are all sorts of energetic beings that exist in portions of our universe that we can’t see … other dimensions that we don’t directly experience, or maybe even another universe.  I’ve chatted with folks who believe that when we sleep and dream, we are actually projecting our energetic body into some of these other realms.  I certainly can’t disprove that, and it does make some sense to me that this might occur.

So, if we travel to these other realms nightly, we should be able to (on some level) sense energies from those other dimensions during our waking periods, whether we’re aware of it or not.  If we allow the possibility that there are energetic beings that might exist in those other dimensions, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that they might visit us from time to time, assuming of course that their dimensions intersect with ours in some fashion.  If we agree that we can sense their energy (even subconsciously) then we should be able to get some sort of impression as to what their energy represents to us.  Perhaps it’s just our own personal preferences that cause us to “see” them as dragons or fae (or whatever else) in our mind’s eye.  Perhaps they once actually inhabited those forms or have deliberately chosen a form that fits their “personality”.  Or maybe our brains are too limited to make sense of what they really are and does the best it can to help us understand.

Not convinced that you can feel energies?  We all experience them every day and we each interpret them differently depending on a number of factors, but mainly it’s how “in touch” we are with our own energetic body.  I happen to have a pretty good sense for energies but logic tends to get in the way at times.  Since I’ve gotten into energy work, one of the challenges I’ve had to deal with is meshing what we “know” from science, and what I’ve been able to “feel” with respect to energies.  My exposure to crystals got me started thinking about all this.  I can pick up two stones … each has a different color, and possibly a different texture, but both are mostly just minerals.  So why do their energies “feel” different?  After a lot of pondering, I eventually started looking at it this way: Everything in our physical world is made up of atoms.  I get atoms.  And our bodies are made up of oodles of atoms.  The crystals look and (physically) feel different because their atomic structures are different.  Similar, but not the same.  If their basic crystalline structure is different from one to the next, then they will vibrate (all atoms vibrate) at slightly different frequencies.  So why shouldn’t we, at least on some level, be able to intuitively “feel” the energetic differences at an atomic level?

Honestly, we all can sense energies, you just may not be consciously aware that you’re doing it.  I remember a particular conversation I had with hubby where I think he started to see my point … I don’t remember why (and it doesn’t really matter) but I felt that he might benefit from sitting with one of my crystals for a little while.  So I brought out three spheres that might be helpful to him.  And while each of them could have helped, there was one that he wanted to sit with.  When he told me later that he can’t “feel” energies I reminded him of this instance.  He responded that he didn’t know why, but the one he picked that day just “looked prettier” to him.  So I explained that even though he didn’t think he was able to sense their energies, perhaps when his brain interpreted the energetic input he was getting from the stones the concept of “pretty” was the way it chose to let him know that particular stone was what he needed most right then.

I think that whenever we have a situation where we end up choosing a particular object or person, but can’t figure out why, it may just be that the energy of that object or person is what is actually drawing us in but our brain doesn’t know how to adequately communicate what we’re sensing on an energetic level.  So it comes up with a reference we can understand.  The bottom line here is to trust your intuition.  Whatever it is that you think makes something or someone attractive should be enough reason to go with it.

Now, let’s take this line of thought and expand it to plants, animals, people, and even whether or not mythological creatures are “real” or just imagined.  Energy is just energy.  So it makes sense to me that if I can feel the subtle energy differences in crystals, plants, animals, or people, then why shouldn’t I be able to feel energies of things I can’t see with my eyes?  The interesting thing to note about some of the mythological creatures is that all cultures have lore and images of at least some of them.  What sort of explanation might there be for cultures that have never met (let’s use the Mayans and the Chinese as an example) to have similar lore of these creatures?  Some believe that somehow there has been some exchange of ideas between these cultures but I’m not convinced.  I think it’s more likely that they’ve each experienced these beings and written about them from their own cultural standpoint.

I don’t know exactly what these beings are, or even if they are what I perceive them to be, but I do know they are around and they seem to like to visit and hang out in spaces we’ve made inviting to them.  So maybe the next time you think something zipped past in your peripheral vision you’ll think back to this and instead of wondering whether or not you imagined it, you’ll wonder what it was.  If you do, and if you have even a passing thought about what it was, trust your intuition … you just may be right.


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