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Energy and Water

In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water.
Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it.
Lao Tzu

Water is an awesome medium to work with.   You can infuse it with herbs (either in a tea or a decoction), add crystal energies to it and make an elixir, cleanse with it (both physically and energetically), drink it, cook with it, and make all sorts of concoctions with it.  I think it’s probably the most versatile liquid available to us.

Water is a unique liquid because it will take on the properties of whatever energies it is exposed to … it basically imprints the energetic signature of whatever it comes into contact with.  This is the premise behind homeopathic remedies and crystal elixirs.  But there doesn’t need to be direct physical contact with any particular substance … intention, thoughts, and even Reiki can provide the energy to be held by the water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto did a lot of work with water and energy and has come up with some amazing pictures of water crystals.  He’s recorded the different crystals that form as it begins to freeze and has shown that loving or happy thoughts or uplifting music produces gorgeous crystals while negative or angry thought creates a jumbled mass but no crystals.  (Very interesting stuff … if you’re interested in checking out his work you can do a web search for “Messages in Water”)  The work that Dr. Emoto did is important because it shows that we can “store” energies in water.  Sometimes those energies come from the medicinal properties of plants or the metaphysical properties of crystals, sometimes pure energy is directed into the water.

So why does all this matter?  Because we are exposed to, and use, water all the time and we can make use of its properties to assist us in creating an energetic balance.  One of the things I’ve found about water is that when bottled, the energy of water from a natural source is intensified.  I have some waters that I’ve collected over the years from lakes, springs, creeks, and rivers up near Mount Shasta and just like the source waters, each of these bottled samples have very distinct but different energies.  But because they are contained, they are more potent than the source waters I collected them from.  This actually works in our favor because we can take plain water (from the tap, a well, or a bottle) and add just a little of the collected waters … and that little bit will imprint on the plain water we started with.

I’m not sure how clear that is (and can’t come up with anything better right now!) so I’ll give an example:  when our house gets to feeling really crummy and stale I’ll smudge the house, then I take one of my Shasta waters and add some of it to plain bottled water in a sprayer bottle (I don’t like to use the tap water here due to the amount of chlorine and chloramine added to it).  Then I add a few drops of essential oils and just spray it around the house.  I love using citrus scents with the “happy” waters to perk things up; or lavender and “peaceful” waters to calm things down.  I’ve even added some water from Medicine Lake to tinctures I’ve made to boost their healing properties.

Water also helps us remove negative energy from our personal energetic fields.  Ever wonder why you feel better after a shower or bath?  Of course it feels good to get physically clean, but there’s more to it than just cleansing physically … the water really does remove negative energy from our aura.  If you like to soak in the tub, add some salt (sea salts and epsom salts will work but I prefer to use pink Himalayan salts) to help detox your skin in addition to physically cleansing and removing negative energy.  You can also add herbs or essential oils to enhance your mood too.

The possibilities truly are endless here.  If you have any special places you like to hang out that have a lake or other water source, try bottling some and see if using it at home brings back the feelings you get when visiting that special place.  Even if you don’t want to find or collect special waters, you can still be mindful of how water can help maintain balance in your life.  So get creative, and make use of this wonderful resource!


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Energy Field


Shielding Your Energy

With all the tense and crazy energies floating around right now I’ve noticed a lot of people reacting by sending out aggressive or negative energy toward others.  Many are not aware that some of these energies can become trapped within our etheric body, adding the potential for blockages in our energy field to occur.

So how do you go about your day while trying to avoid picking up unwanted energies?   When I would pick up unwanted energies in the past I’d frequently get thrown for a loop … until I’d learned enough to devise some strategies to not only get rid of these unwanted energies, but to defend against picking them up in the first place.  One of the methods I use to prevent picking up “gunk” is energetic shielding.

When needed, I have a little routine I follow to clear out any crummy energies I may have picked up during the day and repair the energetic shields I use to help protect myself from the worst of the negativity I run across. It occurred to me that others (who may be unfamiliar with shielding) might benefit from the concept so I decided to put something together explaining the process.

I’ve talked about chakras briefly before … the seven well known chakras are those that “connect” our physical bodies to our emotional/subtle bodies and the world we live in.  In addition to our chakras each of us has an aura, or personal energy field, and both are susceptible to the influences of energies outside ourselves.  When a negative or harmful energy is held either in a chakra or our auric field it causes a stagnation or blockage of the energy flow and may manifest as physical or emotional problems.

For me, working with energies directly (grounding, keeping the chakras clear, creating grids, or practicing Reiki) does a really good job of keeping the energy flowing like it should. But then there are the external influences … and a lot of what I’ve had to deal with in the past was people at work, ticked off for one reason or another, oozing negative energy. So I started shielding heavily when I was out and about.

I start off doing a grounding session to clear out negative energies and bring in positive energies (I did a post on grounding here:  Grounding).  I also clear out and balance my chakras (that post is here:  Balancing Your Chakras).  Once that’s done, and sometimes it takes a little while if I have any blocked areas, I move on to shielding.

Shielding is basically just telling your energetic body how to protect itself from different types of external energies. I use visualization to “set” my shields, but it can also be done by drawing a representation of yourself, with a representation of your shield surrounding “you” on paper. A shield can be used to set the mood of your energetic body (sort of like curling up in a favorite blanket), to fend off negative energy, or even to project your energy in a particular manner.

Some of the energetic shields that I’ve used:

  • Colored light – colors can be associated with mood or personality attributes. I like to use a multicolored shield close to my energetic body to soothe and “set the tone” for my day. Some color associations: blue=good communication or calm, green=healing, pink=calm/love, purple=power, yellow=thought/expression, red=passion, orange=creation.
  • Mylar/one way “glass” – this works like a filter. Just as mylar filters sunlight through a window, this shield filters energy … it blocks what you don’t want to get through, but lets through everything else.
  • “Armor” – as the name implies, this shield completely blocks everything it’s programmed to keep out.
  • Crystals – I often use a layer of crystals to “tune” chaotic energies, harmonizing them to the loving energies in the universe. Crystal colors or attributes can also be used to fine tune the intent of this shield.
  • “Superball” – remember superballs? Hard little balls that bounce really high? I use a shield layer that acts just like that. It repels negative or harmful energies by “bouncing” them away from me.  (this is one of my favorites!)
  • Mirrors – similar to the mylar, but this doesn’t let as much in. It can also be used to reflect energies back to whomever sent them. Using colored mirrors reflects the energies away, but tempers them. I like to use pink to reflect negative energies back to the initiator with calm, loving energy (this really confuses some people if they are being super negative). This shield can be either a solid mirror or oodles of tiny mirrors, like a disco ball.
  • “Bird Whackers” – we call these “Pigeon Whackers” here … they are all over the bill boards here and are used to keep birds from roosting on them. I use this shield to fling negative energies away from me.
  • Electrical/Lightning – I visualize this shield like a Tesla ball. You know, those novelty thingys that look like lightning inside and you run your hand around the outside and the electricity follows? Except I use this to zap negative energies.
  • Firebricks – not sure what else to call these. I see them as ceramic “bricks” that catch and burn up negative energy.

These are just a few of the shields I’ve used.  There is no right or wrong type and anything your imagination comes up with will work.  Once you know what you want your shield to look like and how you want it to perform, either visualize or draw the shield surrounding your body and be clear with your intention for what the shield should do.

You can also layer shields.  When things would get really bad at work, I’d frequently use 6 or 7 layers, each with a slightly different purpose.  It made a huge difference for me in my daily activities.

If you’re a little too stressed or just get easily aggravated by your “normal” day, give a shield or two a try and see if it makes a difference for you.

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Buildings are constructed on solid foundations.  Electricity must have a path to electrical ground to have the ability to flow and “do work”.  People are said to be grounded when they have a lot of common sense and make good decisions.  But what about grounding your energy?

If we are not properly grounded the energy in our physical and energetic bodies does not flow properly and we may feel out-of-touch.  When the energy isn’t flowing properly we can experience a myriad of physical and emotional issues due to stagnation or blockage.  Being energetically grounded is important.

There are a number of ways we can ground ourselves … both consciously and unconsciously.  Certain foods are grounding.  Those “comfort foods” we all love when we’re feeling down (meats, potatoes and other root veggies, eggs, and nut butters) are foods that help ground us.  Walking barefoot or laying in the grass is grounding.  So is gardening, working with the warm soil.  Even a hike in the woods can be grounding.  Most of these we do unconsciously, because we like doing them and we feel better afterward.

For conscious efforts, there are also a number of ways to ground.  A favorite of many people is to stand quietly and visualize “roots” growing from your feet into the Earth.  Then visualize drawing up positive energy from the Earth and having it replace any negative energy in your body.  Keep at it until there is so much positive energy flowing through you that it’s also flowing from your head and hands.  When you’re done, shake any excess energy from your extremities.

The root thing doesn’t seem to work so well for me (it doesn’t feel natural to me) so I do a variant of this.  I visualize pure energy from the Universe entering my crown chakra and flowing down into my body until I’m radiating with it.  As I progress through my session, I visualize all this positive energy forcing any negative energy down, out of my body and into the Earth to be recycled.  I will frequently use a couple of green onyx spheres to help with the flow of positive energy, especially if I notice a blockage.

One of the nice things about visualizations is that you can do them just about anywhere and no one else knows what you’re doing.  When I would get really stressed at work I’d go stand next to a tree and do a quick grounding session.  But what if you aren’t all that great at visualization?  If you prefer physical exercises, this page has a few good grounding exercises that you can do.

Even if you don’t think you need it, try grounding.  You might just be amazed at how good you feel afterward. 😉

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Herbal tincture


Making Medicine with Herbs

Since I’m currently making up some tinctures for use at home, I thought I’d share a little of my foray into herbal medicine making.

I began concocting alternatives to lab-created medications because neither hubby nor I want to use them even semi-regularly, for a variety of reasons.  Capsules containing powdered herbs work pretty well, but they take some time to work and some even need to build up in your system to be really effective.  Extracts and tinctures draw out the active constituents from the plants and work relatively quickly.  (a single herbal solution is usually referred to as an extract and multiple herbs in solution is referred to as a tincture)

Between the capsules and the tinctures, both hubby and I have ditched just about all the lab created medications … and no more side effects.  Not an insignificant feat when you look at the statistics on how many medications the average 50 or 60 year old adult takes daily.

Anyway … all you need is a suitable container, some 80 or 100 proof vodka (and the cheap stuff works just fine), and whatever herbs you decide to use.  I only use herbs that are certified organic (I get most of mine online from Mountain Rose Herbs).  The alcohol acts as a solvent and extracts the medicinal properties of the herbs.  For children or pets, you can use vegetable glycerin (instead of vodka) as the solvent, but the “cooking time” will need to be increased.  I’ve not tried a glycerin tincture so I don’t know how well it will work for roots, barks, or seeds but I’ve found references that say it works well for leaves and flowers.

The basic tincture recipe is to add at least 2 tablespoons of crushed/cut/ground herbs to each 5 ounces of solvent … some folks insist that you must use much more herbal material but this is the minimum to get enough of the medicinal constituents extracted into the solvent.

It’s important to crush, cut, or grind (very coarse) the herbs first … I like to use a coffee or spice grinder dedicated to grinding herbs.  Place the herbs in a jar or bottle and then fill with solvent.  Dark colored bottles/jars (to keep light out) are preferable.  I use 16 oz cobalt blue Boston Round bottles.

Shake the container at least once a day for three to four weeks for alcohol tinctures and for six to eight weeks for glycerin (or longer … the longer the tincture sits, the stronger it will be).  When it’s done, use cheesecloth and/or a fine strainer (I use both) to strain out the solid material, squeezing the herbs to get as much of the solution out as possible.  The tincture is ready to use right away and will be good for at least 2 years.

A two ounce bottle with a dropper top is perfect to use for dispensing the tincture (I also use cobalt blue bottles for this).  Just take about 1 teaspoon (4-5 droppers full if using the dropper bottles) when needed and you can pretty much take as often as you need during the day, though I’ve never had to take more than 4 doses.  I prefer to add a small bit of tea (about an ounce or so) and follow with more tea to avoid the taste of some of the tinctures.

Here are some of the “recipes” I make:


1 part Horehound
1 part Heather Flower
1 part Honeysuckle Flower


2 parts Marshmallow Root
1 part Rosehips
1 part Lungwort


1 part Nettle Root
1 part Fennel Seed
1 part Echinacea Angustifolia  (E Purpurea will work, but E Angustifolia is best)

Headache/Pain Relief

2 parts White Willow Bark  (do not use if allergic to aspirin)
1 part Feverfew  (thins the blood … do not use with blood thinning medication)
2 parts Ginger Root

Hypertension Prevention

1 part Hibiscus Flowers
1 part Cat’s Claw Bark
1 part Chicory Root

Immune Booster

2 parts Elderberries
1 part Rosehips
1 part Goldenseal Root


1 part Peppermint Leaf
1 part Ginger
1 part Chamomile  (may cause a reaction in those allergic to ragweed)

Menopause Relief

1 part Black Cohosh Root
1 part Chasteberry
1 part Red Clover Flowers
1 part Shatavari Root
1 part Fo Ti Root
1 part Dong Quai Root
1 part Wild Yam Root

Prostate Support

1 part Saw Palmetto
1 part Pygeum Root
1 part Yellow Dock Root


2 parts Chamomile  (may cause a reaction in those allergic to ragweed)
1 part Skullcap
1 part Wild Lettuce

Super Detox

2 parts Hydrangea Root  (or 1 part Milk Thistle + 1 part Turmeric Root … but Hydrangea is more potent)
1 part Sarsaparilla (Indian variety, not Jamaican)
1 part Dandelion Root
1 part Honeysuckle Flower
1 part Echinacea Angustifola  (E Purpurea will work, but E Angustifolia is best)

If you choose to create tinctures of your own make sure to do your research.  I’ve spent hours researching what herbs to use for specific conditions and some of the recipes I’ve settled on had a lot of trial and error involved.  If you don’t already have herbal references I strongly recommend that you either purchase some or at least borrow them from your local library.

Herbs are wonderful and you can make some very effective medicinals with them.  But they can also be dangerous if you don’t do the research first … many plants that are used medicinally have parts that contain substances toxic to humans or animals.  Just because it came from a plant doesn’t make it safe … and just because it’s safe for one animal (or humans) doesn’t mean it’s safe for another.


For Educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by any medical authority or
the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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