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Crystals: Use and Care

Do you love crystals but aren’t sure what to do with them?  Or perhaps you’re just curious and don’t know much about them? I have a page listed in the menu under the header photo where I briefly discuss some of the properties of commonly available crystals but here I want to discuss some of their uses and how to care for them.

I’ve literally got hundreds of crystals sitting around my house … almost every horizontal surface of the house (except the floor, bed, and kitchen table/counters of course) has crystals on it. Most of the time they sit there, happily sending out their soothing energies, but we do put them to specific use from time to time.

In addition to the spheres, clusters, pyramids, and other shapes we have here, I work beads made from these crystals into jewelry, car charms, window hangings, and other baubles.  I have crystals in my office too.  Now they’re used to help with my Reiki sessions, but even when I had an engineering job I was surrounded by them.

Using crystals:

So what can crystals be used for?  Honestly, just about anything.  Here are some of the things I do with crystals:

  • Carry them to benefit from their energy all day.  Chose one or more small stones to help with a particular issue and place them in a small bag.  It doesn’t matter what the bag is made of … I’ve used organza, velvet, linen, and cotton.  You can then carry the bag with you or place it somewhere appropriate.  I have one in my truck for protection from accidents.  I put it together after I was rear-ended a number of years ago and haven’t had even a close call since … and that’s no small feat the way some people here in Southern California drive!
  • “Worry stones” … these are small, flat stones that can be carried or just held.  They usually have one surface that is slightly concave that’s perfect for rubbing with a thumb.  As the name implies, when you’re stressed or worried you simply hold the stone and rub away to your heart’s content.  It helps get rid of some excess energy and the contact with the stone is soothing.
  • Wear them as jewelry.  The great thing about incorporating crystals into jewelry is that you can mix and match to suit your needs for each day, just wear something to help deflect negative energies, or to help keep your chakras clear and balanced.
  • Hang them near your doors and windows to help prevent negative energies from entering your home.  I didn’t know this when I first decided to hang some crystals in my windows and doorways, but there are some cultures (I know of a few Native American tribes for sure) that will use crystal helpers to keep negative energies from entering the living space by placing them in openings.
  • Meditate with them.  There are a number of ways to meditate with crystals.  The easiest is to just hold or sit with (or near) a crystal or two.  Any stone can be a helper, but I find that either a stone to help calm the mind or one that helps to connect with other energies in the Universe are particularly beneficial in meditation.
  • They can be a fabulous scrying tool … just staring into the crystal and getting lost in the internal fractures and planes allows the logical side of the brain to focus while letting the subconscious side have a chance to tell us more directly (at least more than it does with dreams) what we need to know.
  • You can also “interview” a crystal by sitting with it and asking it questions.  No, they don’t really “talk” to us, but most people can glean impressions that feel like emotions that don’t belong to us.  Even my hubby (who claims to be completely oblivious to any energies) can frequently get a “feel” for gender or age from a crystal.  For those used to dealing with higher vibration energies, a vision or brief scenes from the crystal’s past may come through.
  • If you are into baths (as opposed to showers, I’m not suggesting anyone go without bathing!) you can take a stone in with you (assuming it is a stone that can tolerate water).  The water will actually pick up the energy patterns of the stone and amplify it.  Use caution though … I once dragged a clear quartz sphere into the tub with me and ended up so amped I was bouncing off the walls for 4 hours!  Oops
  • Chase away the “electronic smog” generated by televisions and computer screens.  I set out unakite and covelite in front of any television or computer I will be around … both are wonderful at deflecting and absorbing the excess energies radiated by all types of screens.
  • In addition to jewelry for humans, crystal beads lend themselves perfectly to hanging on a pet’s collar … or even making a collar from them for your cat or dog.  When we had a dog going through (and recuperating from) radiation therapy, I made her a “collar” of bloodstone, carnelian, and smoky quartz to help dissipate the effects of the radiation.  Just as with people, the uses of crystals for pets is pretty much limitless and whether one or two crystals are hung from the collar or a whole collar is made, the animals benefit from the crystal energies just like we do.

Crystals that are especially helpful:

On one of our vacations I decided that I needed to set aside some crystals as an “Emergency Kit”. I have them in a craft box as it’s handy storage (and easy to grab) so I can take them with us when we travel since I don’t have access to all those I keep at home when we’re on vacation.  I chose the stones listed below because they pretty much cover a wide range of ailments and emotional issues. Most are pretty easy to find and all that is needed are one or two of the small tumbled pieces.  A small reference book, like Judy Hall’s “The Crystal Bible” to keep with it is helpful too.

Crystal “First-Aid Kit”:

Amegreen Dumortierite Pink Chalcedony
Amethyst Flourite Prassiolite
Astrophylite Garnet Quantum Quatro Silica
Azurite Green Heulandite Quartz
Blue Aragonite Infinite Rainbow Moonstone
Blue Tiger Eye Kunzite Red Tiger Eye
Blue Pietersite Labradorite Snowflake Obsidian
Bronzite Larvikite Sodalite
Carnelian Magnesite Sphene
Celestite Melody’s Stone Stichtite
Charoite Moldavite Sugilite
Citrine Ocean Jasper Sunstone
Danburite Obsidian Tiger Eye (gold)
Dravite Turquoise

Charging crystals:

When giving a crystal a specific “job”, it’s helpful to first charge the crystal with that intent(some people call it programming).    Just sit with a calm mind while holding the crystal.  Next, visualize or think about what you want the crystal to do for you.  I know that sounds pretty simple, but it really is that easy.  The crystals are very good at picking up on our energetic signature and thoughts modify our energy in a manner they can interpret.  Once they’re ready to go, just put them to work.

Cleansing crystals:

When crystals are used for a specific purpose, in many cases they will need to be cleansed periodically to get rid of negative energies they’ve collected.  And it’s usually a good idea to cleanse new crystals when we bring them home.  This isn’t always the case though, so if it makes you feel uncomfortable thinking about cleansing a crystal, don’t worry about it … the stone may not need to be cleansed.  Some stones (like quartz, black tourmaline, and turquoise) never need cleansing.  There are a number of ways stones can be cleansed:

  • Hold the stone under running water
  • Soak the stone in salt water for a little while
  • Set the stone on a quartz cluster for at least a day
  • Leave the stone sitting in the light of a full moon overnight
  • Bury the stone for at least a week
  • Smudge the stone using sage or incense

Not all of these methods are appropriate for all stones, so make sure and check if there is any question … especially with regard to water.  Angelite, selenite, malachite, and sunstone should never be held under running water nor soaked in salt water (or fresh water) and another method should be chosen for those stones.  Ideally you can interpret what the stone wants and give it what it needs.  Trust yourself … if it “feels right” it probably is.

Recommended Reading:

If you’re wanting additional (and a lot more detailed) information, these are books that I highly recommend:

The Crystal Bible, The Crystal Bible 2, and The Crystal Bible 3 by Judy Hall
The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian
Love is in the Earth by Melody and Julianne Guilbault


I’ll do another post or two on some additional crystal uses.  For now though, I hope I’ve given enough information to at least let folks get comfortable working with crystals.  They really are marvelous helpers.

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What is Reiki?

First, let’s be clear of what we’re talking about.  The word Reiki is actually a conflation of two Japanese words: “rei” sometimes translated as universal (though I think “spirit” is probably a closer fit) and “ki” meaning energy.  The concept of ki is similar to qi (pronounced “chee”) in Chinese medicine or prana in Ayurveda.  Reiki the energy has always been, and always will be, present around us and permeates our Universe.

The history of using Reiki for healing:

The practice of using Reiki energy as a healing modality was created by the Japanese long ago.  No one is really sure when or who may have started the practice of using energy to heal in Japan.  But the Usui method was created by Mikao Usui (1865-1926) who studied medicine, psychology, religion, and divination as a young man.

It is said that in early 1922 Usui was intent on finding his purpose in life and believed that he needed to isolate himself and fast for a long period of time in order to be enlightened of his true purpose.  So he spent 3 weeks high on a mountain fasting and meditating.  On the 21st day he was laid unconscious by a sudden burst of energy entering his head.  When he awoke, he had found his enlightened state and felt more energized than ever before even though he’d been weak from fasting.

Overjoyed and wanting to share his story, he headed toward home but on his way down the mountain he stubbed his toe.  When he cradled his injured foot in his hands, a healing energy began to flow from his palms into his toe and in a short while it felt better.  He was elated that he’d been given such a gift!  Soon after he began using his new gift of healing to help family and friends … the beginnings of a system of healing he eventually called the “Usui Reiki Ryoho” (Usui Reiki Healing Method).

He found that he could use this healing energy to “attune” others and eventually taught the tradition and methods he developed to a number of students who became grandmasters of Usui Reiki Ryoho.  After World War II the practice of Reiki was Westernized a bit (presumably to make it more palatable to Americans) and around 1980 began to be more widespread in the US.  Today there are a number of different Reiki methods being taught.  Some have their roots in Usui’s methods but many do not and very few are true to the original Usui Reiki Ryoho. 

OK … so what is it?

I think most people are at least familiar with the theory behind the practice of acupuncture, and the practice of Reiki as a healing modality is similar.  The energy (ki) present within an individual should be strong and flow freely.  When your energy is flowing properly, the body and mind are in a positive state of health.  But when your energy becomes weak or blocked it can lead to physical and/or emotional imbalance.  When visiting an acupuncturist, s/he determines where the energy blockages exist and place the needles at very specific points to break the blockage up and reinstate the flow of energy within the body.

The main difference is that there are no needles or other tools needed with Reiki (a big bonus in my opinion!).  The practitioner has been trained to feel the client’s energy directly and clear any blockages without needing to touch the client.  In fact, Reiki can be done without even being in the same room … a distance session works just as well as an office visit.

Reiki is sometimes referred to as “intelligent energy”.  In addition to clearing and balancing a body’s energy field, it can be used to add healing energy directly to an injury or help resolve emotional issues or situations that may be causing stress to an individual, group, or animal.  And because it always works toward the best outcome (some use the term “highest good”) for the individual and any of their situations, there is always a benefit from a Reiki session.

The process during each session is soothing and relaxing … as with other energetic healing modalities, one just sits or lies in a quiet room allowing the practitioner to work with their energy, clearing the pathways in the energetic body to promote the optimum flow of energy.  This supports the physical body in its efforts to heal itself.

Why should someone have Reiki sessions?

Reiki is a wonderful non-invasive means to help your body heal itself.  Scientists and medical professionals may argue whether or not our bodies have the ability to self-heal, but I think the placebo effect is a direct illustration that we can and do heal ourselves.

And while the direct effects of energetic healing modalities may not be measurable, that doesn’t speak to whether or not they actually work.  I know from personal experience that energetic methods can help us heal.

So just what can Reiki do for us?

  • Reiki energy clears and balances the energy in our bodies enabling our systems to function more efficiently
  • Reiki aids in the reduction of stress and removal of negative energies helping the mind and body to work at their peak capacity
  • Reiki can help with chronic pain management by providing healing energy directly to the affected area(s)
  • Reiki energy also aids us on a spiritual level, providing healing energy to situations that we need assistance with

Reiki is compatible with all other healing modalities.  When used in combination with Reiki, some healing methods can even be more effective.  Reiki is excellent to use before and after surgery as a means to reduce the effects of energetic trauma and maximize the healing potential of your body. 

There is no “down side” to Reiki …the benefits go beyond what I’ve mentioned here and keeping those energetic pathways clear certainly can’t hurt. 😉

For Educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by any medical authority or
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